River Metal Bowl

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We work with a talented artisan from Swaziland to create embossed and hammered metal bowls. Using a precise eye and steady hand, he works each bowl to be etched, hammered, and smoothed to create our textural design. The metal bowl is then finished with intricate weaving by the artisans from the Lavumisa Region of Swaziland. Made from indigenous Lutindzi mountain grass and sisal fiber, these materials are woven around bundles of firm Lukhasi grass. The wrapped coils are shaped and stitched together to form the bowl design around the edges. This weaving technique is unique to three artisan groups in the south-eastern part of Swaziland.  The metal work takes over one day of combined curing time and the rim of the bowl takes approximately two full days for an artisan to weave.

Dimensions:  height is 3 inches by 13.75 inches around.